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Welcome to our Virtual Seminar,
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Uploaded 31 March 2022

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  • While the LIVE events are over, you can continue to watch the pre-recorded sessions any time through 11:55 PM EDT on May 31st.

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  • MGC did not record Stephen Morse's presentation Getting Ready for the 1950 Census: Searching with and without a Name Index. However, you can watch a version of the presentation on the One-Step Webpages by clicking HERE. If you want to try many of the tools on Steve's website the link is: www. Don't be fooled by the website for a singer of the same name but different URL.



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Track 1: Culture


Track 2: Repositories


Track 3: Technology

Track 4: Town & County Records


Track 5: Unique Records

 Kabria Baumgartner 

Searching for Sarah: Education, Activism, and Archival Research in Boston 

 Thomas Green

History of the Massacusett Tribe

Michael J. Leclerc, CG®

French Canadians and the American Revolution

Alice Nash, PhD

Indigenous Peoples in the Archives

Adina Newman, EdD

Conducting Jewish Genealogical Research in Massachusetts

John Warner, PhD

Riders in the Storm:  Researching Your Civil War Ancestors

Track 1: Culture


Track 2: Repositories


Marta Crilly

Old Records Made New: Using Newly Accessible Records at the Boston City Archives 

Janis P. Duffy

Passenger Lists for the Port of Boston, 1848-1898

Kimberly Toney

Exploring your Ancestry at the American Antiquarian Society

Jessy Wheeler

An Overview of Genealogy Resources at the Boston Public Library


Alec Ferretti

Thinking Outside the (Search) Box:  Ancestry Search Strategies 

Susan M. O'Connor

Pinpointing Your Ancestors Using Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Jennifer Zinck, CG®

Tools and Techniques for Connecting with DNA Matches

Track 3: Technology


Michael J. Leclerc, CG®

Massachusetts Town Records 

Beth Finch McCarthy

Who Lyeth There?  Digging Up Colonial New England Ancestor Records

Rhonda R. McClure

Genealogy Research in New England

Claire Smith

Piecing It Together - Uncovering a Family Secret in Massachusetts

Track 4: Town & County Records


Margaret R. Fortier, CG®

Catholic Records in Massachusetts 

Kathleen Kaldis

Huzzah! Researching Your Revolutionary Roots

Margaret R. Sullivan

Crowdsource Genealogy:  Documenting the 1919 Boston Police Strikers

Track 5: Unique Records


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