Our Advocacy White Paper:
"Framing a Discussion About Vital Records Access"

Often when legislators are met with a question about access to genealogical records, they voice their concern about whether these records are tied to consumer identity theft. Our white paper explains why it is important to keep records open. At the same time, it shows that consumer ID theft comes from other sources.

Workshop: "Protecting Access in Massachusetts"

MGC did a two-session presentation on the importance of open records at the Boston Public Library. This set of slides was used in the second session, which looked at how bills were made into laws. It focuses on the times and places were citizens can state their concerns, provide comments, or testify. Know how to use your time wisely.

Handout: "Access to Vital Records in Massachusetts"

This handout describes the history of vital records in Massachusetts, and the laws governing their access. Massachusetts has a significantly different history from most other states except Connecticut and Vermont. Those of us with Massachusetts ancestors are grateful for this unfettered access.

Handout: "Your Health Pedigree Chart"

The U.S. Surgeon General's office encourages people to provide their doctor with their family health history. Using the pedigree chart already familiar to familiar to genealogists, this handout provides plenty of information for you or your family members to make health notes about direct ancestors.



The bylaws as changed by the April 2021 Board Meeting.

The MGC Newsletter

Our Most Recent Newsletter

Our Summer 2019 newsletter looks back at the great time we had at the 2019 New England Regional Genealogical Conference. Other topics include the latest Massachusetts and Federal records news, how to find records on the state's leper colony, ​what our sunshine logo is all about, and the great news about our the first presentation of our Shirley Barnes Records Access Award.

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