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Massachusetts Genealogical Council

Volunteer Positions



Susan M. O'Connor

The President shall (i) preside at all Executive Board and Corporation meetings; (ii) appoint chairpersons of special committees; (iii) sign all contracts and documents authorized by the Executive Board; (iv) be a member ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee; and (v) file a written report at the Annual Meeting reflecting the activities and progress of the Corporation. The President shall also perform such other duties as the Executive Board may, from time to time, deem appropriate.

Erica Voolich_edited.jpg


Erica Dakin Voolich

The Secretary shall be a resident of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, unless the Corporation has designated a resident agent in the manner provided by law. The Secretary shall (i) keep accurate minutes of all Executive Board and Corporation meetings; (ii) provide the Executive Board with a copy of said minutes, with a call to the meeting, by telephone, e-mail or other electronic means at least seventy-two (72) hours before the meeting, or by written notice mailed by first class mail, postage prepaid, at least five (5) days before the meeting prior to any subsequent Executive Board or Corporation meeting; (iii) notify the Executive Board, and any other individuals or groups the Executive Board deems appropriate, by first class or electronic mail of the date of the Corporation’s Annual Meeting, and any proposed nominations or proposed amendments to the By-Laws to be presented, at least two (2) weeks prior to such meeting; (iv) keep and have available for reference at any Executive Board and Corporation meeting, one (1) book containing copies of the Corporation’s By-Laws, standing rules, and legal documents; (v) conduct and maintain a file of the correspondence of the Corporation and assist in any meetings as requested by the Executive Board; (vi) ensure the collection and proper distribution of the Corporation’s mail; (vii) notify the Executive Board, and any other individuals or groups the Executive Board deems appropriate, by first class or electronic mail of any special meeting at least two (2) weeks prior to such meeting; and (viii) in the absence of the President and Vice President, call any Executive Board or Corporation meeting to order and preside until a President pro tempore has been elected.

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Mark J. Doherty

The Treasurer shall (i) keep accurate accounts of all monies due, received, and expended; (ii) be responsible for notification and collection of any such dues as the Executive Board may deem appropriate to impose; (iii) work with the Membership Director to keep a membership list; (iv) have accounts available for inspection at all times; (v) receive prior approval from the President for all expenditures between one hundred dollars ($100) and five hundred dollars ($500) and from the Executive Board for all expenditures exceeding five hundred dollars ($500); (vi) submit a financial report at each Executive Board meeting; (vii) submit to the Executive Board a budget for each fiscal year as close as practicable to the end of the prior fiscal year; (viii) file a written financial statement at the Annual Meeting; (ix) make financial records available for annual audit by March 1st; and (x) prepare or oversee all filings required by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Internal Revenue Service, or other federal and state agencies.


Civil Records Co-Director/Federal

Barbara J. Mathews, CG Retd., FASG

The Civil Records Director shall, under the direction of the Executive Board, (i) act as the Corporation’s representatives to present legislation and recommend adoption of policies in the interest of genealogists at legislative and administrative hearings, special meetings, seminars and such other assemblies; (ii) appoint a member of the Civil Records Committee to the Special Vital Records and Statistics Committee established by Chapter 46 of the Mass. General Laws (M.G.L.) (when so established); (iii) act on behalf of the Corporation when immediate decisions or other actions must be taken at such hearings, meetings, seminars, and assemblies; (iv) file a written report of actions taken at such hearings, meetings, seminars, and assemblies and the corresponding results; (v) keep abreast of national, state and local proceedings governing the concerns of genealogists, including coordination with the Records Preservation and Access Committee; and (vi) notify any individuals or groups the Executive Board deems appropriate periodically of the status of proposed or pending legislation; (vii) notify any individuals or groups the Executive Board deems appropriate to initiate Calls-to-Action.

Jessica Neaves_edited.jpg

Advancement Director

Jessica Neaves

The Advancement Director shall: (i) raise funds to support the Corporation and its programs; (ii) identify new paths for the Corporation to grow and thrive; (iii) maintain a list of Individual and organizational supporters of the Corporation in coordination with the Treasurer; (iv) distribute it to the Executive Board upon occurrence of any significant changes prior to any subsequent Executive Board or Corporation meeting; (vi) foster a relationship between the Corporation and all of its constituencies; and (v) plan support campaigns at designated intervals, launched in coordination with appropriate officers and directors.


Genetic Genealogy Director

Pamela Guye Holland

The Genetic Genealogy Director shall monitor and provide regular reports on (i) changes in law or regulations regarding DNA access and privacy; (ii) advancements in genealogy research; and (iii) terms of service and other elements affecting users of genealogy websites.

Carol Gafford_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Archives Director

Carol Gafford

The The Archives Director shall (i) be responsible for custody and preservation of the Corporation’s records except those that are the responsibility of other Officers or Directors; and (ii) maintain a current inventory of all legal documents, records, and property belonging to the Corporation.

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