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Massachusetts Genealogical Council

DNA Education and Information

The MGC DNA Committee

Genealogy researchers use DNA test results to verify and extend their family trees. DNA information thus becomes a record in a family tree. How can we use this record in a manner that ascribes to the website's terms of service and to Genealogy Standards?


The DNA Committee here provides quick links to website information important to the genealogist. This includes terms of service, informed consent, privacy policies, and law enforcement policies.

See also the links below to deeper discussions about privacy, DNA research, and privacy discussions.


Illustration of recombinant DNA from Getty Images.

Website Links (Updated January 2022):

DNA Testing Companies


DNA Comparison


DNA testing resources


Ethics and Consent


Privacy Concerns

  • ISOGG Wiki privacy information

  • Suggested reading: Michael D. Lacopo, “Uncovering Family Secrets: The Human Side of DNA Testing,” in Debbie Parker Wayne, ed., Advanced Genetic Genealogy: Techniques and Case Studies (Cushing, Tex.: Wayne Research, 2019), 325-337.

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