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Massachusetts Genealogical Council

Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice

MGC Statement on Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice

At the Massachusetts Genealogical Council, we strive to represent the needs and concerns of all genealogists in Massachusetts. To do so, we have member societies that send delegates to our board meetings. We rely on the delegates to tell us what is important and to focus our message.

To be inclusive in representing the diversity of Massachusetts residents and genealogists, the MGC board has made the following commitments.

  • We will prioritize our outreach to societies representing genealogists of color here in Massachusetts.

  • We will design seminars that include discussions of genealogy beyond that of European descent.

  • We will ensure that our analysis of historic records will recognize the way in which communities of color have been marginalized or misrepresented.


We take responsibility for our part in recording and teaching American history and genealogy accurately. We look forward to becoming a genealogy society that does a better job of representing our entire community.

This statement was unanimously accepted by MGC board members and delegates on 18 July 2020.

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