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MGC stands in a nationwide community of genealogists and historians asking for access to public records and supporting the preservation of history.

We communicate our efforts and concerns through our website, blog, newsletter, and speaking engagements. We provide an innovative educational conference in even years (our next is April 4 and 5, 2020 in Lowell, Massachusetts). In odd years, we actively participate in the New England Regional Genealogical Consortium’s conference (NERGC).

MGC has been recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)3. Membership is fully tax-deductible; donors will receive a written acknowledgement for tax purposes. MGC welcomes your memberships and donations to support our efforts in records access and education.

Types of Membership

Our individual members provide direct support for our efforts, funding our website and other operations. Membership is $20 per year.

Our organizational members provide communication and support from Massachusetts genealogy and historical societies and libraries. We ask each society to provide a delegate to participate in our board meetings. New and fresh points of view are important and enable us to fulfill our mission.

We provide subscriptions for libraries, as well. You can read our newsletters at libraries in Boston, Massachusetts, and in Washington, DC.


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Susan Tellier

Our Membership Director, Brigid O'Donnell, manages the membership lists and works closely with our Treasurer, Susan Tellier, to ensure the privacy and security of your membership information.

We use PayPal for your payments. You can tell PayPal to make annual automatic payments. Automatic renewals give us support we can count on.

Thank you for your support!

Brigid O'Donnell

Post Office Box 5393, Cochituate, MA 01778

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