New England is the last bastion of open records states. With your support MGC can continue to effectively serve the genealogical and historical communities. MGC welcomes both individual and organizational members. Both have access to our newsletters and are welcome at our board meetings. In addition, we ask organizational members to designate a delegate to participate actively in our meetings and to bring information about records back to their societies.

We make every effort to keep those with an interest in public records informed of the current state of legislative and regulatory activity that affects researchers. This is important because of the consistent and repeated efforts to close access to records.

MGC has been recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). Memberships are fully tax-deductible. All of our staff (officers, directors, and committee members) are volunteers. No one receives a salary. We do however have expenses to meet in order to support a webpage, and to engage in educational conferences.

We encourage our supporters to make a donation to MGC to help pay for our operating expenses which include website maintenance and operations, participation in genealogy events and conferences, testifying at public hearings, and printing and distributing information on subjects relating to access to records. We need you to join us! Non-voting membership supports our efforts on your behalf

MGC Revised Membership Form 2017

052715 state hearing

Mary Ellen Grogan and Barbara Mathews testifying in a hearing of the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight, Massachusetts General Court,27 May 2015, in support of S-1069